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Build Trust: Give Your Clients A Choice

Your clients chose you because they trust you to deliver quality work at a fair price. If windows are part of the job, you can give your clients the choice of restoring or replacing the windows in their home. As a trusted partner, you owe it to your clients to offer unbiased professional advice on all aspects of the job, including the windows. Before you advise your clients to replace their windows, call in Open Window for an assessment on restoration as an option.

Window restoration allows you to:

  • Save your clients money—which frees up budget for the rest of the work you’re doing.
  • Demonstrate your appreciation for your client’s home and its original details, including windows.
  • Position yourself as a trusted resource for critical renovation decisions.

A Note From Bob — Contractor to Contractor

I’ve been in the residential building and remodeling industry for over 20 years, and in that time I have disposed of thousands of wooden windows without giving it a second thought. But the trend towards green building has changed my thinking on window restoration. With all the attention to energy efficiency and re-using rather than replacing, window restoration is something we need to be able to offer. Properly restored and well-maintained windows are energy efficient and a positive selling feature.


Clients with older homes often love historic detail. Many of these clients are delighted with the option of restoring an original window rather than tossing and replacing it with a new fabrication. If you’ve been to any of the window manufacturers’ shops, you know how new windows are made. Even the best-quality windows—and there are some good ones—don’t match the craftsmanship of the originals (staples and glue rather than traditional joinery? Really?). New-growth timber isn’t as strong and long-lasting as the old-growth wood in pre-1950s windows. And composite material doesn’t offer the beauty of natural wood.


Yes, window restoration can be somewhat more time-consuming than purchasing and installing new construction replacement windows. It may not be the option for every homeowner. But for many, restored windows will maintain the architectural integrity of the home, and your client will light up at the beauty of the original window, placed in the room you’ve just renovated.


Call me for more information on how to include restoration as an option in your next client proposal. Your clients will appreciate the choice you’re offering, and will benefit from the results for decades to come.

Donate Unwanted Older Windows

If your client decides to replace rather than restore, call us and we’ll pick up the old windows at your convenience. We can save you the cost of hauling, and your client may well appreciate your environmentally-conscious approach to recycling the older windows.

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