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Information for Home Owners about Window Restoration

Love Your Windows, But...? 

You love your old windows, but they won’t open.  We can fix that!Don’t compromise with replacements when an inexpensive repair can give you working windows that will last for years.


You’re the new owner of an old home, full of charm, history, detail... and windows that aren’t in great shape.  We can restore them!  New windows are put together with staples and glue, or metal parts that can’t be fixed.  But original wood windows were made to be repaired. So you don’t need to compromise: You can keep your authentic windows and have them looking their best. 


Your lovely old windows seem to have some rot.  We can repair that!  Older windows were made from first-growth timber—much stronger than new wood and naturally rot-resistant. If there are some damaged areas, they can be repaired with durable epoxy material and painted to look like new.


You feel a draft around your old windows.  We can eliminate that, with a well-fitted storm and/or minor repairs like new glazing and weather-stripping.  In fact, these easy fixes will render your original windows as energy-efficient as replacement windows—without compromising the beauty of your home, or your budget.


Your contractor/builder/architect said you’ve have to replace the old windows as part of your renovation. We can offer a second opinion.  There are some situations where a building code may require a new window to meet egress standards.  But in many (if not most) situations, most of your original windows can be maintained as part of your renovation. And they’ll probably save you money, too—a rare event in home renovation!


Whatever your situation as a homeowner, you’re here because you have original wood windows that might need a little help.  You can learn more about your windows and how to fix and maintain them by browsing our Resources.  Or call us for a free estimate or second opinion—Open Window Restoration is here to help!



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