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Open Window Restoration Services

A Passion for Preservation


Open Window Restoration started when three people—Marybeth, Bob, and Karen—discovered they shared a passion for preserving and restoring the original features in older homes. And they realized that original windows are fast becoming an “endangered species,” as replacement window companies plaster the market with claims of energy efficiency. 


Open Window Restoration was formed with three goals in mind:

  • To promote original wood windows as an asset to be treasured and preserved—like any fine antique
  • To enable homeowners to take on simple maintenance and repairs on their own, if they choose
  • To offer restoration and maintenance services, so that retaining original windows is a workable, energy-efficient option

With these goals in mind, we offer a range of services to fit different needs, budgets and windows.  Pricing depends on the size and condition of each window; we are happy to provide an estimate.

Basic Repairs

Basic Repairs that can be done at your home include replacing broken panes, reglazing, and installing new ropes and chains.   For these services we charge by the hour, ($65 per hour), plus materials, and will provide an estimate in advance.

Window Tune-Up

Window Tune-Up offers basic care to ensure your windows open and close properly and are energy efficient.   A tune-up is usually conducted at your home site, with windows removed and reinstalled same day.  A tune-up can run between $350 and $400 per opening, depending on the size and condition of the windows and the services required, which can include:

  • “Unsticking” windows that have been painted shut
  • Replacing any broken or cracked panes
  • Scraping out and replacing cracked or dried glazing
  • Installing new ropes (or chains) for easy opening/closing
  • Installing metal weather strip, if needed
  • Replacing parting beads between window sashes
  • Priming exterior of window sashes
  • Cleaning and reinstalling the sashes.

Additional services include painting the interior of the sashes to match the rest of your home, and required repair to wooden elements; estimates are provided in advance.



Full Restoration

Full Restoration addresses windows that require repairs to the sashes, sills or jambs, as well as complete removal and replacement of old paint and glazing.    We remove the sashes and restore them at our shop in Hillside, NJ. In addition to all of the “tune-up” services listed above, full restoration includes the complete removal of old paint and all old glazing; repairing damage and rot; regluing joints as needed; priming all wood surfaces and painting if desired, and reinstallation.  Pricing depends on the number of panes and the condition of the windows, but generally runs between $900 and $1,400 per double hung window.

In-Home Training and Consulting

In-Home Training and Consulting is offered for “DIY” homeowner who need some hands-on training to get started.   We charge a flat fee of $200 for a two-hour training session. If you choose to have us complete the work, the consultation fee is credited to the cost of the project.


We are always happy to offer a free assessment—call us to set up an appointment!






What Makes Open Window Restoration Different?




Four owners bring three areas of expertise to your project.   Marybeth Robb holds a certificate in Historic Preservation from Drew University and has won the Bersheeba Award for excellence in historic preservation from the Ocean Grove Historical Society.  Bob Vanbenschoten has been building and repairing homes for 30 years, and has owned his own construction company for over 15 and is a skilled cabinet maker.  Karen Barnes Kaplan has 25 years of project management experience as a consultant.  Janet Vanbenschoten, with her 25 years of managing the business side of Bob’s company, keeps us running smoothly. Together, we bring knowledge, skill and great service to deliver a great experience and great results.


We’re not pushing a product, we’re helping you keep what you already have.  Window replacement services make money when you buy a new window and when they install it.  Open Window Restoration starts with your windows—you already own them!—and charges only for the time and materials required to make them better.


We love old windows, too.   Like you, the Open Window team has a respect for authentic, historic detail in a home—like your original wood windows.  We want to help you recapture the beauty and functionality without compromising your budget.


We can do it all...whether large or small.   Some homeowners need a simple reroping to get a window to open again.  Others require painstaking refabrication of original wood pieces to restore their one-of-a-kind historic windows.  And there are lots of situations in between.  Because of our mix of skills and experience, the Open Window team can take on projects of almost any size and complexity, and work within your budget to achieve the best possible value for your investment.


We think both quality work and great service are critical.    So you will hear back from us promptly.  You will find we listen as well as we talk.  You will always know where your project stands.  You won’t encounter budget surprises.  Your home won’t look like a construction site when we leave.  And if you’re not happy with our work for any reason, we’ll fix that too.


At Open Window, we mean it when we say “no compromises”!  We don’t compromise on quality or service. You won’t compromise on budget, energy, the environment, or the beauty and authenticity of your home.

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