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Books on Window Restoration (and more)

Save America’s Windows: Caring for Older and Historic Wood Windows,  John C. Leeke (Historic Homeworks, 2009)

Working Windows: A guide to the repair and restoration of wood windows, Terry Meany (The Lyons Press, 2008).

Renovating Old Houses: Bringing New Life to Vintage Homes,George Nash (Taunton Press, 2003)


Online Resources

One of our favorites, the Old House Guy has lots of information on windows—and on other elements of older homes:


The National Trust for Historic Preservation is also rich with information—search on “window restoration” for articles, tips, and more.


In the Media

“Old Windows Worth Keeping in a Historic Home—Market Ready” The New York Times, September 12, 2012


“Old Windows Find a Following” The New York Times, July 27, 2011.


An Indiana seventh grader devised a science project to compare the energy efficiency of original windows and replacements;  original windows fared well (and so did the young student, who won a $1,000 prize!):


Alison Hardy, the Window Woman of New England, was featured on This Old House; you can click to all three episodes on windows from her home page.


Articles on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability – Restoration vs. Replacement

“Saving Windows, Saving Money:  Evaluating the Energy Performance of Window Replacement and Retrofit,”  National Trust for Historic Preservation, October 2, 2012,   New study shows retrofit measures can achieve performance results comparable to new replacement windows and almost every retrofit option offers a better return on investment than replacement windows.


William Hill, building scientist, demonstrates the 400 year payback on replacement windows: 


Improving the Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows, from Scotland:


English Heritage Proves Saving Windows Better than Replacing: summary with good quotes, all the window repair methods, scientific methods and data complete, very easy to understand. generic.asp


Window of Opportunity: A Three-Part Master Course on Windows in Traditional Settings, Course #2 with John Leeke and Walter Sedovic (live presentation July 2009, recording now available, be sure to listen through to the Q&A session at the end, free but you have to register and give your contact info which may be used for marketing):


A windows tip sheet from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, addressing not only energy but also lead-safe practices and listing more (great) resources on windows:


“Measured Winter Performance of Storm Windows”


“Building Regulations and Historic Buildings: balancing the needs for energy conservation with those of building conservation”


“Repair or Replace Windows in Historic Buildings: Arriving at a Sustainable Solution”


“Life Cycle Of Window Materials - A Comparative Assessment”


“What Replacement Windows Can’t Replace: The Real Cost of Replacing Historic Windows”


DIY Resources


Any of the books listed above include lots of guidance for the home restoration DIY-er.  You can also check You Tube postings—which are constantly growing—for demonstrations of basic window repair and maintenance such as:

  • Replacing cords and rehanging sashes
  • Removing old glazing and reglazing a window
  • Replacing broken glass (including reglazing)
  • Tips on “unsticking” windows


If you’re taking on a project involving stripping off old paint and glaze, be very careful in any use of a heat gun  as heat can crack the glass.  Expect to break a few panes in the process, and budget for replacement glass. 

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